About Becky


Well, hey there!

I’m Becky and I’d love to give you a small glimpse into my gloriously messy life.  Let me start off by naming some of my true loves…

I love my people.

Ten years ago one of my fellow camp counselors starting putting the moves on me and showed me how to work an Apple computer for the first time.  Clearly, I was smitten by this tech genius, but the fact that he was handsome and loved Jesus deeply really helped seal the deal.  Fast forward a few years and we now are married people with three little people of our own.  I am severely outnumbered in a house of boys, including our paranoid (but cute) beagle.  These humans are my life and purpose.  I love them with every fiber in my being and would not be who I am today without them.

I love people.

Really, people are beautiful.  No one is perfect, but we all reflect the image of God and in that truth lies freedom.  We are free to love people right where they are, and we are free to trust Jesus with their hearts.  Every person has a story.  Every individual matters.  And regardless of what others may think, each person is here on purpose.  God extends His love and care to everyone, from all backgrounds and cultures, and I really believe the diversity we see around us is only a tiny picture of the magnificence of heaven.  Every people, tribe and tongue.

I love the LOVER of people.

If you don’t know who that is… it’s Jesus.  God has shown me over and over again how His love changes lives.  I know because He changed mine.  In His kindness, He has helped me embrace my worth as the Daughter of the King, and I pray my words will help you do the same!  His heart is compassionate, His words are true and His faithfulness knows no end.  He has been misrepresented by so many, but if you really want to know the Man, go straight to the source (aka The Bible) and soak up His goodness and grace.

I love to encourage and empower women.

It’s true.  Women are amazing.  Although I’m surrounded by men in my household, I have worked with women in ministry for almost 15 years throughout the country.  Nothing gets me more pumped than encouraging women to walk confidently in the identity Jesus has given them.  Shame, Fear and Insecurities continue to bog God’s Daughters down, but God wants to set us free from anything that prevents us from experiencing His BEST…  He wants us to walk with our heads held high, knowing fully who we are, ready to take on the world.  All of my writing and speaking will point back to God’s heart for His children because nothing else matters more.  For real, every time.

I love to write all the things.

I never thought I would pursue a career as a writer.  I journaled constantly when younger, even into my ministry days, but it never occurred to me that I could actually start a blog and write a book or two.  Jesus knew all the things already and set my path in motion way before I knew what I wanted.  He’s pretty good like that.  But seriously, it brings me so much joy to know I am making a difference and helping people know who they are.  I pray you leave every page feeling uplifted because God really wants to love on you, and I hope my words reflect His tender heart well.  If you want to see some more of my writing you can check out my website as well @ BeckyBeresford.com

I love my frazzled but free life.

Life isn’t perfect.  People aren’t perfect.  But our good God is, and He has blessed me with a truly beautiful life.  I’m currently a SAHM bordering on the edge of insanity most days.  Honestly, I consider it a pure success when I keep the boys alive, fed and mostly clothed…  Our oldest child has Autism, as well as my husband, so things get pretty intense around here.  It will always be a journey, but we are learning more about God and each other in the process.  And friends, now more than ever I can say His extravagant grace can cover everything over in love.  Somewhere in the midst of the everyday chaos, God’s given me the ability to pursue my passions and dreams, and I want to encourage others to do the same.  Right now I am in the process of finding a publisher for my first book, which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying!  I survive most days because of Jesus and coffee, and I’m an open Disney addict.

Okay,  I think that’s a decent snapshot.  I hope you know this is a safe place to be you, and it’s a safe place to share your heart as you allow me to share mine.  Your story matters.  Your life makes a difference.  And I’m so grateful God brought you here.  Thanks for stopping by, friend.  And thanks for being you!

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