When New Years Freaks You Out…


blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood table

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com


It’s here. The time of well-intentioned resolutions and goals.

It’s the season of change and pursuing dreams.

And while I’m all for living with purpose and determination, this time of the year also stresses me the heck out! ¬†Should we make lists and step boldly forward? Totally. Should we dream big and hope for abundant futures? For sure. But things start to get murky when we look around, get freaked out and proceed to haul loads we were never meant to carry. Let me explain.

I was on Instagram on January 1st, and I was stalking hard. I fixed my sight on my Instafriends, and I was amazed at their gumption. Their goals were dead set, with clear direction and drive. Meanwhile, I stared at my computer screen and could barely muster up enough energy to make breakfast (aka: pouring cereal in a bowl). I immediately started to heap on the guilt, so I made a brilliant decision. I was going to copy their lists.

So, let’s see: I’ll add 20 min of Bible reading each morning with a dash of Weight Watchers and then some 30 minute daily exercises because why not. And while I’m at, let’s throw writing goals and speaking engagements and building an author platform into the mix. Wait. I forgot about purging my home and reorganizing all of my dreaded ‘dear-God-don’t-open-that-door’ closets! Oh, what about the kids and husband? I forgot to put them at the top of the list… well right under God because He comes first… wait, hold on… I totally spaced on my friends! I need to invest in these sweet relationships more too. That will be my third priority, I mean fourth… Agh! I don’t remember the order. Did I get enough sleep? Shoot. I need more sleep. Add it to the list.

After almost inducing a panic attack, I made another decision. A better one. I decided to ask God what He thought. What did He think of all these resolutions and resolved minds? Was He the author behind these grandiose lists and longings? He answered me with a single sentence. “In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.” (Romans 12:6 NLT). As I read these words, I felt my spirit sigh with relief. Different gifts for different people. Unique callings for certain things. All done with one purpose: to do it lovingly well. How kind of our King? How thoughtful of Him, to let us know He does not expect us to do it all. We don’t have to imitate one another’s aspirations. In fact, it has never been His plan to do so.

Our Creator is generous in His giving. He created the universe in all its spectacular glory, while forming His Daughters and Sons with distinct and directed precision. He placed talents and desires in our hearts that are meant to showcase His love, and no two hearts are the same. Our lives reflect His beauty in varying ways, which means our goals are going to look different as well. Really now. We can stop trying to copy and paste. Instead, how about we focus on following His lead and listening for His Voice whenever we encounter life’s opportunities and questions.

What does He wants for our days? What greatness does He have in store when we allow Him to be our guide? Because He’s got this. He has the giftings covered.

In His grace, all of our precious callings have been combined and connected in order to compliment one another… not stir up comparison.

Together, as the Body of Christ, we can show the world the diverse aspects of God’s character. And when we hone in on what He has called us to do, we can do it abundantly well.

So, this year I’m choosing the better way. I’m choosing to listen instead of list. I’m choosing to ask my Father what is needed, and let go of all the extra expectations I am tempted to lug along. He wants us to set our eyes on His good leading. He wants us to experience His gracious best.

May we feel lighter, Dear Reader.

May we fill our lives with Him.