I’ve got an official AUTHOR WEBSITE!

Hey All!
So exciting news!  My husband is awesome and made me an AUTHOR WEBSITE, which will basically be the hub for all my other social media stuff and my blog.  After talking to lots of professionals and authors regarding getting published, ALL of them said it is really important to build a community of people who would like to support me and stay connected as we journey forward towards whatever God has in store.  That’s mainly done through subscribing to the website because I will be sending out newsletters and other fun little things to keep everyone encouraged and in the loop.  It also opens up the avenue for praying for each other, which is fantastic.
Soooo… long story short, I’m officially letting the Facebook Universe know!  If you are interested, please CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE {still weird to say… ;)}.  And if you’d like to receive updates, just subscribe at the bottom of the Home page under “Let’s be email friends”…  it literally takes 10 seconds.
Thank you guys for being so kind and supportive during this crazy publishing process.  I’m still unsure how things are going to go down, but I know my God promises it will be good.  Appreciate you, friends. 💛

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