Take Courage

Oh my Lord, friend…

These lyrics speak to the soul, and personally encompass my life right now.  I’m just in the middle, in this unknown weird place that is so mysterious.  Something is happening, but I don’t know what, and my patience can often run thin.

Being in “The Waiting” of any season or situation is never easy.  Sometimes it seems like God has put His answers on hold, but just because we can’t see the change or the answers, it does not mean He is stalled…

God is always moving.  Even in the hard process of waiting…  And He promises His victory and faithfulness to see us through every time.

If your heart needs some encouragement, take a sec and stop what you are doing.  Just listen to these words and soak up this glorious music for 4 minutes.  Trust me, it will be worth it 🙂

Beautiful Minds Don’t Think Alike


You guys, do you see this picture?! I mean, it’s pretty incredible.  The depth perception, the detail, the glorious landscape… And it was drawn by a 6 year old in three minutes.

I look at my oldest son and daily am amazed at how he sees the world.  He envisions things and copies the photograph in his mind onto a piece of paper with little effort.  It comes quickly and naturally to him, unlike his drawing-deprived mother.  Jesus blessed him with such an ability to draw, but He’s also blessed me with the ability to see inside the mind of my child… to get a small glimpse of his everyday reality and it is nothing short of beautiful.

Having a disability is never something anyone prays for.  Nobody wakes up and hopes they will have various struggles in life.  Sure, facing trials is part of being a human.  But we didn’t hope that our son would have Autism.  We walk a rocky and difficult road, one that requires an extra dose of strength and grace for our entire family.  But especially for him.  He takes life full-on and does it with such joy.  There are so many days I wish I was more courageous like my David.

As I gaze at my boy’s artwork, I see the light through the fog.  I see his passions and loves and interests.  I see his attentiveness and care, even when he generally struggles with focusing.  But most of all I see life, if only for a moment, through his eyes.  His unique eyes that will change the world.

God didn’t make clones.  He doesn’t want carbon copies.  He is obsessed with variety and diversity.  Why else would we have a new sunset each evening with a fresh morning dawn to follow?  He longs for all of us to experience our differences and share our perspectives with one another.  Each person has a different gift and viewpoint to offer, and all are equally important.  God delights in the details of His creations, and He wants us to teach each other and help each other see things through the lovely eyes of the beholder.  Because living in a world where everyone is thinking the same exact thing, and everyone is acting the same exact way is boring!  And, even more, it is so not what heaven will be like.

The Bible tells us that every tongue and nation and tribe with all of their various cultures and glory will come together to worship Him and express collective praise for who He is to us.  It will be a masterpiece, with all of our life illustrations coming together to show how magnificent the mind of our Creator really is.  It will be stunning… like nothing we’ve ever experienced before.  But heaven does not have to start in eternity… it can start now!

I beilieve we if we don’t share ourselves with the others, even if it’s messy (because it will be!) we will only be living out half of who we are.  Humans crave connection.  We cannot just survive on our own.  We need community, and we need to share life with one another.  That includes sharing our hearts and minds.  It may be scary or hard, but it is worth it.  Being you is worth it.

Everyone always tells me how beautiful my son’s eyes are, and trust me, they will take your breath away.  But behind those eyes will always lie a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and beautiful mind.

The same goes for my other boys.  And my husband and family and friends.  And the same goes for me and for you.

Be brave enough, my friend, to share your world with this world.

Life just wouldn’t be the same without it.

We need you and your perfectly beautiful mind.