To My Husband On Our Anniversary…


I choose you.

It’s the anniversary of our wedding, Dear Husband.  Eight years in the making.  And with all the pretty fluff surrounding the idea of love, I wanted to let you know I get it.  And I know you do too.

Love isn’t a feeling.  Hollywood might want you to buy into this lie… literally.  But we have been at this marriage thing for far too long, we won’t fall into Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s trap once more (although they make a stinkin’ perfect couple!).

Feelings are nice, but in the end, love is a choice.  It’s a choice to see the other person the way God sees him or her.  It’s a choice to move forward towards hopeful expectation, leaving unmet expectations behind.  It’s a choice to believe God for bigger and better things that only His redemption can bring.

And on this day, I want to tell you what I’m choosing to believe.  Throughout the years and the tears and the laughs and the struggles, these are my truths.  These are our things… the heartbeat of our home.  Even when we mess up and are completely human, this is still my heart.  I will continue to I choose…

And first, I choose you. 

I choose you on the good days and the bad.

I choose you when we are joyful and when we are mad.

I choose you in health and the sickness too.

In wealth and in hardships, it’s definitley still you.


I choose you in grace and forgiveness and care.

I choose you in fights, when our hearts start to tear.

I choose you when things become dark and so bleak.

Your arms and your words are the comfort I seek.


I choose to encourage, even after we fall.

I choose to understand and answer your call.

I choose to support you when following your passions.

I choose not to talk, but listen with my actions.


I choose to love with God’s strength and His power.

I choose His reliance with each passing hour.

I choose His fullness instead of my own.

I choose His goodness that comes from the Throne.


I choose His promises over our fears.

I choose His timing for all of our years.

I choose His value, my vision for you.

I choose His purpose in seeing us through.


This is our life and this is our story.

This is our family in all of its glory.

It’s wild and crazy and beautiful and free.

It started with you and it started with me.

These three gorgeous babies

With eyes like fire,

Are gifts straight from Jesus,

Our hearts full desire.


It’s in no way easy, raising three little boys.

With lightsabers and love and a whole lot of noise.

All the dirt and destruction, now I don’t even bother.

What really matters is you as their Father.


We’ve chosen this journey, from beginning to end.

You’re my faithful love and very best friend.

I choose all you are

And everything you do.

I choose you each day

And I’m blessed you do too.


Love you, babe.