Flying, Frantic and Solo


After spending the last three days flying solo with three littles (5 and under might I add!) all I can say is “Bless it, Jesus”!  Like for real… the only way I have survived thus far is because my mother rocks (thanks for the food and hands Mom!), stupid amounts of caffeine and Jesus.

We’ve been blessed to not be in a situation where my husband is gone on frequent business trips, leaving me alone in the war zone where I am seriously outnumbered.  But after doing this mainly by myself I have to say…

Word to the single parents out there!  You are incredibly brave and strong.  How you do it day in and day out astounds me.  I can barely manage with just a few days, but this is life for you.  I hope you know how wonderful you are because you have my utmost respect.  I pray God’s richest, sweetest blessings on you and your family.

And for the ladies who do have frequent traveler husband’s, I seriously applaud you as well.  Running on empty, giving of yourself until you feel like you can’t give anymore and then somehow you do…  you inspire me and if you need coffee, wine, a meal, a break, ANYTHING, let me know because you deserve it and so much more!

The children are quiet for 5 minutes.  Either sleeping or destroying something in the house but I don’t care.  Right now is my time to write 5 things I have embraced these past 72 hours.  5 things that have helped me conquer the day without going clinically insane:

1.)  You are more than you know and you can do more than you think.  We discredit ourselves as moms waaaaay too much and it’s truly an injustice.  The way we handle life and all its crazy intricacies is nothing less than pure magic.  God made you to be a beautiful, strong, independent woman who can take on anything with grace and love.  Walk confidently in who you are, dear one.

2.)  You have super powers.  Really I have caught so many falling objects as well as children with my cat-like reflexes, I think I deserve a reward or at least a nomination.  We have superhuman sight, superhuman smell, superhuman strength, superhuman hearing.  There’s a reason people say, “Mom has eyeballs in the back of her head.”  Because we do.  At least we crush it so well that they think we do.  And don’t get me started on superhuman instincts…  You are Wonder Woman.  Just face it.

3.)  You make a difference.  I have been wrestling with this one in big ways lately because so many days I just feel like the house butt-wiper and maid.  But then I see my kids gather around me, wherever I go and I’m like, “Dude, why are you following me?  I’m not that interesting.”  And then I realize it’s because they actually want to be by me.  They think I’m the coolest and we all know that’s gonna fade, so I need to live it up!  As Jesus said, “Let the little ones come to me!”  Let them cover me in hugs and kisses.  Let them wrestle me and give me bruises.  Let them call my name incessantly because they want my approval or thoughts or attention.  Let them be my shadows (except in the bathroom… please let me pee in peace for the love of Jesus).  The legacy I leave is love and I pray my littles know that as long as I have breath I will give my all to ensure that they have success, health, and all-around confidence knowing who they are.  They are worth it, and they are worthy.  They are my reasons for what I do each day and I know I am raising world-changers.  And so are YOU!

4.)  You can lose your crap and still be a good mom.  I’m positive I confuse my kids by freaking out at them one moment and then 30 seconds apologizing for “not talking nice.” (and repeat 30 times a day)  Sorry kid, I lose my crap.  But I love you more than life itself, I promise.  The demands are endless, the sleep deprivation is something fierce and there is only a certain amount of crazy one person can take before they crack.  It’s okay, Momma.  Give yourself some grace.  Your kids do and so should you.

5.)  And finally the most important… we housewives need to organize “Work Christmas Parties” for ourselves.  I mean, come on.  Why is this not a real thing.  We work 24/7.  We don’t get paid.  We don’t get many, if any breaks.  Paid for lunch, don’t make me laugh.  And if we aren’t invited to our husband’s work Christmas parties, we can get shafted.  So we need to take matters into our own hands and plan our Work Christmas parties.  There will be copious amounts of pampering, wine, chocolate and laughing… all the necessities in life.  For real, I’m making a petition.  Let’s do this.

Right now as I frantically try to wrap this up before #2 wakes up from his nap, the husband is flying home.  Glory, glory hallelujah!  Enjoy the sweet calm, babe cuz when you walk in that door, it’s go time!  Even though I know I am so blessed to have these precious ones in my life, a hot shower and Starbucks’ latte are calling my name.

Mmmmmm yes… Wonder Woman Out.