Judge Judy Ain’t Welcome


I get away on Monday nights.  Usually to go write and give my mind space to think creatively or at least without shouting and screaming in the background.  These nights are sacred to me.  I treasure them.  And as my pregnancy comes to an end any day now, I realize these blessed nights will probably be dragged off the radar for a while.  It’s ok.  I’ll have another little face to snuggle, but my sanity will most likely completely disappear.  Fair warning.

So with this glorious fact in mind, I wanted to post something deep.  Something meaningful that will leave its mark in your hearts while I am off being a watering hole for the next few months.  And I know exactly what to talk about.  Ready?


Umm, yes.  Food.

I love food.  I love me some Jimmy Johns and Starbucks’ lattes.  With my first pregnancy I was a nazi about what I could and couldn’t eat, but by the third time around I’m just like, “Whatever.”  I want some more caffeine, then I’m going to have a little more caffeine.  I want a salami sandwich, I’m gonna make me a sweet sandwich.  Because food is awesome and eating healthy all the time without some yummy fun is boring.

You can judge.  But don’t.

Please.  I’m sick of the judging we women do.  Heck, we people do!  We stand around and say, “I can’t believe ______ does that!”  “Did you see her ________?!  Unbelievable!”  “I heard she believes in ________!”  Please, friends!  The judgment and the critical spirits are killing us.

We as women already have enough junk to overcome in this society.  Earning respect and acceptance is a fairly recent development, and it is no where close to where it needs to be.  But if we can’t respect each other and uphold each other, how in the world do we expect others to respect us.  We are fellow females!  We need to be comrades, sisters standing next to each other when the arrows start to fly because they will.  And flinging the arrows at each other will only make us go down faster.  We are too smart for that, right?  Right?

Because we need each other.  And we need to encourage each others’ hearts.  There’s so much negativity out there, you needn’t look far.  But real love and kindness, instead of condemnation and critique, that’s much more of a rare find.

Let’s look at each other and admonish our individual beauty in our physique, personality, minds, and choices.  You are unique and fabulous.  And if we could stop pointing fingers and start embracing each other with open arms, I think society wouldn’t know what hit them!

Be confident.  Celebrate who you are.  Know you are loved for you.  Let’s stop with the Judge Judy’s.  And let’s celebrate God’s beauty in each of us.  We owe it to ourselves.  We owe it to each other.

Well then…  I guess that got a little more deep than I thought it would.  Cool.

I’m gonna go eat some chocolate.



Mother May I…


Mother may I take the time on this precious day to thank you.

May I stop what I’m doing and acknowledge that without you my life would be a little less beautiful and a lot more crazy!

May I tell you how incredible you are.  Not just because you have given everything to make me who I am today, which is undeniably true… but you have shown me what God’s love looks like tangibly.  It is steadfast, genuine and persevering through all things.  Your love for your children has never failed.

May I ask you how you did it?!  With five children… the never-ending diapers, sleep deprivation, trashed homes, sickies, homework, school activities, late night talks, kissing the boo-boo’s, perfect hugs, and all the drama drama drama.  I know coffee is not your only answer.  🙂 You were more than a survivor, you were a conqueror.  And for that you have my respect, as well as the respect of every other struggling young mom.

May I praise you for being you.  Exactly you.  And for not loosing yourself in the midst of mommy hood.  Through the ups and downs of life you still managed to model to me a woman of strength, integrity and unapologetic compassion.

May I suggest that there are few woman on this planet who are as beautiful and lovely as you.  You are not only a knockout, but your inner beauty radiates and touches everyone you know.  It’s contagious really.

May I thank you for being my best friend.  For being the light on hard, dark days and the voice of reason when my emotions were freaking out.  Your wisdom, nurture and guidance are literal God sends to me, and I’m sorry if I annoy you by calling you still almost every day…

May I remind you how irreplaceable you are.  No other person in this world could be my Mommy and no other woman could do it so well, with grace, kindness and a lot of laughter.

May I say you are not only the best mother anyone could hope for, but you have transitioned into being the most amazing grandma to your grand babies.  They adore you, as do we.

May I refrain from comparing myself to you and realize that if I am half the woman you are in this life, it is a strong victory for me!  You make me want to be a better person.

And finally…

May I bless you, my wonderful Momma, on this special Mother’s Day!  They say her children will rise and call her blessed, but let me specify that YOU are one of the best blessings Jesus has ever given me.  Today and every day.

So here’s to you and here’s to every mom out there venturing through this journey of motherhood.  We celebrate you.  And we love you.